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Free Man Beyond The Wall

Sep 21, 2018

51 Minutes

Mance welcomes Stephen, the AnarchoChristian to the show. After witnessing a post on Facebook claiming that it is impossible for a Christian to be an anarchist, Mance wanted to have someone on the show to counter this claim. Stephen has a website, podcast, and Facebook and Twitter page dedicated to answering...

Sep 20, 2018

67 minutes 

Hey it's Mance. I invited my friend Bird from the Friends Against Government podcast on to tear apart the Affidavit and Arrest Warrant in the Cody Wilson case. Let's just say the press is the enemy of the people once again. After about 40 minutes we switch to Kavanaugh and a couple other topics.


Sep 19, 2018

35 Minutes

Mance does a solo episode where he runs down a list of the biggest companies in the world and where their political donations go. In this world of boycotting companies for their political beliefs, Mance just wants you to be consistent.

A second topic addressed is a quick overview of the history of seat belt...

Sep 16, 2018

55 Minutes

Mance welcomes Tim Moen to the show. Tim is the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada and he is a "pull no punches" kind of guy. Unlike what the American LP has seen of its leadership recently, Tim is not scared to say the things that need to be said when it comes to communicating the message of true...

Sep 14, 2018

62 Minutes

Mance welcomes The Pholosopher to the show. Pho has one of the most popular liberty-themed pages on Facebook on which she posts videos on subjects from gun rights to self-knowledge. 


Mance and Pho talk about everything from the liberty movement, John McCain and the best way to communicate a...