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Free Man Beyond The Wall

Jan 18, 2019

57 Minutes

Some Adult Language

Pete invited Jack Spirko to come back on the show to discuss "Gray Market" agorism. Jack is the host of the mega-popular "The Survival Podcast" and has a detailed framework showing how to deny the State its lifeblood through taxation. We are sure you will hear techniques in this podcast...

Jan 15, 2019

42 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Pete welcomes Austin Thomas Jones to the show. Austin has embarked upon a project that is sure to be controversial. He has come up with a way to skirt existing laws pertaining to armor penetrating rounds, or what are politically known as, "copkiller bullets."

Austin explains his work,...

Jan 14, 2019

69 Minutes

Suitable for All Audiences

I had thought to do an episode in which I spoke about what I looked forward to in 2019 when Eric from the "Rebel With a Cause" podcast contacted me to do just that. We got off on some tangents (Of course), but talked about what we most looked forward to in the coming year.


Jan 11, 2019

75 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Pete asked Richard Grove to return to the program. On his previous episode, he discussed how western education systems were set up to create good little workers and forego teaching critical thinking. In this episode, Richard discusses the classic Trivium method of study and how you can...

Jan 9, 2019

62 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Patrick MacFarlane and Keith Knight of the Liberty Weekly Podcast asked me to come on to discuss our "Red Pill" moments, those moments when the cognitive dissonance gave way and you passed through to the next step in your growth to understanding your enslavement to the State. I believe...