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Free Man Beyond The Wall

Sep 19, 2019

66 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Comedian and podcaster, Dave Smith, joins Pete to talk about his recent Soho Forum debate with Libertarian Party Chairman, Nicholas Sarwark.

They go over what was argued at the debate in relation to the resolution, The Libertarian Party should never again put up national candidates whose...

Sep 18, 2019

54 Minutes


Pete invited Donnie Gebert to return to the show. Donnie starts off talking about an article detailing some of the biggest banks in the world moving their payment processing to JP Morgan's Quorum blockchain and then launches into his opinion on the future of fiat currency, and how he sees...

Sep 16, 2019

50 Minutes

Suitable for All Audiences

Per Bylund returns to the show to talk about the role of the entrepreneur not only in society, but according to the Austrian School of Economics. 

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"Man on Matter: How the Former Gains Ownership of the Latter"

Sep 13, 2019

45 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Pete invited Sheldon Richman to come on the show and talk about his new book that will be published by The Libertarian Institute, "Coming to Palestine." Sheldon provides history that few talk about, or even know, when it comes to the "conflict," and answers questions from the point of...

Sep 11, 2019

41 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Pete had Matt Agorist, co-founder of "The Free Thought Project," on to talk about the escalating violence and death caused by law enforcement. They talk about current cases most have heard of and a few you haven't.

The Free Thought Project

Lions of Liberty Podcast

Indiegogo for The...